19 May 2009

Bead Kits on Etsy!

My first shop update took place in the wee small hrs of last night...

The material for this blue wristlet is so pretty, its called Ume (Japanese Apricot), I have the yellow version as well, its such a cute pattern, it must be a subconscious seasonal urge to surround myself with an abundance of tiny flowers.

I'm really pleased with the yellow zip and pink strap- its so bright and zingy.

This is the contents of the kit - my daughter has been going crazy over these beads ever since my supplies arrived - the glass millefiori are all so unique (and yet more tiny flowers, it actually means a thousand flowers). Although duh! as you can see I spelt it wrong in the labels - more printing for me today I think!

We've made up one of the kits to test there's plenty of beads to play with, we got up to 5 bracelets and 2 necklaces and we still had lots left to thread - keeping my 1 yr old out of the way of the beads is also lots of fun!!!

I hope you like them, there's 3 styles in the shop at the moment but I'll be updating on a regular basis.

Enjoy the sunshine...