22 May 2009

haptree frogs - ribbit!

I'm hoping be able to do a shop update this weekend just a few wristlets without the beads, they're mostly done just need to make up some straps which is the most time consuming part as my machine has a tendancy to munch the fabric (I'm still not sure why, too much tension, blunt needles I've tried it all, I think it just has a strop for no reason)

Also I'm trying to find time to make up a few little frogs next week (haptree-frogs!) I'll post up some proper pictures, once they've metamorphosised from inside my brain - so far I have only this sketch to show you, but I'm not sure how these shapes will look once they're 3D - trial and error I suppose. I'm hoping I'll be able to use the japanese material for their backs and the millefiori beads for boggly eyes. I need to investigate what is best to fill them with, I want them to feel like the little bean bags you threw about in PE, I was thinking maybe rice or lentils.