12 May 2009

Not Felicity Kendal

In case you were wondering, I'm not Barbara Good either... The description 'Good Lifer' for my blog came to me as a perfect way to describe what I'm aiming for - a good life, and to me that means creativity, geniality, love, passion (and compassion) and of course a big whack of entertainment along the way...

... some days I actually manage to fit these things in, yep really I do!

Here though as a nod to the real Good Life is my beautiful salad bed which may be a little scruffy, but of which I am still very proud, its real food grown by me!
(No it's not a real snake, according to my next door neighbour a rubber snake is a sure fire way of keeping birds from nibbling your veg patch. So far no birds, I'll keep you updated)