19 May 2009

RPT 2 - the new laptop

My First Sale on Etsy

Wow, less than 24 hrs after my first post and kaboom... a sale, I'm so pleased, thank you Noel from Springfield, your bead kit is on its way already!

Whilst writing an email to said buyer this afternoon my laptop blew up... mild exagerration, but it made a bang and the screen went black and stayed black, I was fairly distraught. Given it was 5 yrs old and exceptionally well used (and well loved I have to say, computers are a bit like cars in that way for me) I made the exciting decision to head directly to PC World and wave my credit card at the nearest spotty salesman. Voila! welcome Robot Pants the 2nd, hopefully he will serve us well! Now to try and retrieve all my files and work out how to plug my camera in...