14 May 2009

Spaghetti Westerns and Plant Sales

The upside of my new Twitter addiction is that I've stopped looking at facebook every half hour . Maybe if I hide my laptop under the couch for a day or so, I may actually get on with making more stock for my Etsy shop, which still lies empty. I can almost see the tumbleweed blowing through and hear the faint sound of a spaghetti western track fading in it's been waiting to be inhabited for so long now (yep, I agree the kawaii style banner doesn't really help with that imagery but you know what I mean)

It's OK though! I'm just waiting on some photo shopping from W and some new (and ridiculously expensive) ink cartridges (never buy a Lexmark) so I can print off the cute labels for my bead kits, and then I can do the photos.

In the mean time I can show you a pic of this amazing National Trust plant sale at Ashridge last weekend, but be warned it's a bit of a bun fight or a cream tea and scone fight at the very least. This pic was taken before the masses of crate carrying bargain hunters arrived. My 5yr old daughter (E) got shoved out the way by an old dear desperate for a particularly miserable looking violet and another lady climbed over P's buggy for an oxe-eye-daisy! Who'd have thought it of these mild mannered horticulturalists! Well worth it though it's a stunning place to visit.