03 June 2009

Coin Purses

Today I am making up some little coin purses, I'm working on 6 at a time to try and be as efficient as possible. Six is about my limit as I can get bored doing the same thing too many times. Here they are all cut, interfaced, zips counted, pink thread threaded and my erractic machine plugged in and ready to sew.

And voila (a few noisy minutes later) they have their zips in, I was hoping to have picture number 3, the finished articles however my machine decided to have one of it's little strops and then so did I as I had to take the blooming thing to pieces which took ages, I still don't know why it does this to me. I just got it working again and then my 15 month old woke up from his nap, so no finished little purses... yet!

Also my mother's birthday is Friday and she's asked for a tablecloth and napkins, which is convenient as I can sew don't you know! I'll let you see what fabric I've chosen, she says she doesn't mind if it's late so I can a have a proper hunt for something perfect.