11 June 2009

A Few More Garden Treasures

E's wendy house window boxes are about to explode with flowers, here's the first few open. We're really excited as we've been defending them from a very naughty 1 yr old who like sticking his hands in the mud - and finally they're going to flower!

These are wild strawberries, they grow a little like weeds in our garden, not quite as tasty and alot smaller than normal strawberries, but hey they're free! I've no idea where or how they got here, I hadn't ever seen them before we moved to this house last year.

And here are the big boys, courgettes (the first flower), brassicas but we don't know which is what yet (a slight labelling cock up) and the triffid like swiss chard - is it meant to grow to 5ft tall? Maybe we should eat more of it! Oh and a gorgeous cabbage... I could take thousands of pictures of the inside of a cabbage, I limited myself to just this one today!