26 June 2009

Garden Treasury!

You can't buy this treasury though! (unlike yesterdays UK handmade treasury) These photos are just a few of the happenings in the garden at the moment, gherkins, tomatoes, pumpkins, courgettes and the seedlings at the bottom are going to be purple radishes, I'm not that keen on radishes of the normal red variety so thought I should try them. I included a few flower's and E's wendy house which we moved to its new position last weekend, it's now nestled into the buddlejah, she should get big purple flowers hanging over the windows soon - excellent for butterfly spotting.

The pot of basil is just a plastic pot inserted into an old chimney, it's great as it's at waist height. I'm hoping the patio will be finished fairly soon so we can have it down there, with all the other herbs and not all the way at the top - it's lovely to run your fingers through the basil, the smell is just knock-out, so much stronger than the supermarket pots - hopefully I'll be able to maintain this pot with careful picking so it keeps coming back, you can't beat basil and tomatoes, a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar mmmmm.....

On the crafty front I set up a shop on artfire - I keep reading good things about it so thought there was no harm in trying. It will probably be low on stock like my Folksy shop but I think it's wise at this early stage of my products to stick my fingers into a few pies and think this will help with SEO (but not sure, need to gen up on all of the tech stuff). Here's what it looks like so far... BORING OR WHAT! Perhaps some stock will help - duh!