28 June 2009

Emergency gift

Last night I remembered E had a birthday party today for one of her little friends from reception, and we hadn't bought a present... luckily I happen to have quite a few little girly items hanging around!

So this morning E set about making 3 bracelets to go inside one of my coin purses, we thought that would make a very pretty present for a 5yr old girl.

I set E up by attaching clips to the end of the elastic - I put everything in a dish for her, this seems to work really well to contain it all - and then I let her get on with it.

I just use little clips like this but clothes pegs or even a paperclip would do the same job, I find this vital for when E is threading... I've had enough of strings of tiny beads bouncing around the kitchen floor, followed by 1/2 an hour of scrabbling around under the oven - I have to be sure to get them all as P my 15month old is like lightening when it comes to finding beads and stuffing them in his mouth.

We use elastic that's quite thick so you can thread a few beads at a time, I bought some of the thinner stuff when I was first looking to sell bead kits, to see if I could save some pennies but it was really difficult to thread even for an adult. For E I find the 4mm seed beads are about as small as you can go before she gets frustrated and needs help every 2 minutes, I'll start giving her the smaller ones as she gets a bit more adept at threading.

She made six! Three for herself and three for her friend.

The elastic is strong and I make sure I tie triple knots - the secret of getting a good knot is to leave plenty of surplus elastic so that when your tying it off it's not too fiddly. If I'm feeling clever I try and make sure I hide the knot under a bead, you could even put a drop of glue on the knot to keep it really secure but I find the bracelts can take quite a good stretching before they'll burst (and glue seems a bit of a faff)

and voila a cute gift, and to boot E felt really proud that she'd made it and was (quietly) entertained for an hour! You can find my kits here if you like these beads.