16 June 2009

Mini Purse

The mini coin purse is not yet a resounding success, it needs some tweaking but I thought I'd post some pics to show it's development so far... it is tiny, but big enough for a £2 coin and a 50p. I've got so many ideas for how it could be used, emergency paracetemol, trolley pound, parking money, pocket money holder for a child, attach to a book bag for school money (E's are regularly after a quid here and there for various events), earrings and rings - there are all sorts of reaons why a little pouch with a clip would be useful for young and old! I need to think of a cute name for it... ?

Lesson learnt today was that you can't take good photos with a toddler around - I gave up in the end and let him have it!

The shops are doing well, so I desperately need to make more stock (shouldn't really be playing around with mini purses!) Here are a couple of little parcels ready to be posted one to Israel and the other the Peak District! And of course twitter in the background!