15 June 2009

New haptree ideas

I've been thinking of a few ways to extend my product ranges in my Etsy and Folksy shops and last week I sent my mother a collection of photographs of my bead kits and wristlets to show a non-internet-savvy friend of hers who had admired her wristlet.

It's a haptree hand made wristlet of course, my mother wears and uses all my creations! Here's a close up of her holding my son when we went on the London Eye a few weeks ago, my daughter and I made the bracelet too!

No sale as a result of this yet... but another of her friends who saw the pictures mentioned a tiny zip purse she had picked up in Hong Kong, just big enough to hold a pound or two coins at most and attached to a keyring - ideal for the emergency trolley pound or parking money. I'm going to have a go of creating one this evening (well behaved children permitting) it will be about half the size of my small purses so I think the zip may be a bit clunky but we shall see...

Also I've decided to make up and sell a few bracelets and necklaces in the shop using the millefiori beads as they're so pretty. These are a couple that I made up just for some shots of examples to go in the listings, I sent these out with my first few sales but everytime I look at the pictures I want to make them even more, my daughter is also very keen to get involved and as she's in my key demographic I'm always happy to get her opinion.
Oh and I haven't forgotten about the frogs... I'm always thinking about my haptree frogs! I'm a bit worried they're not going to look as good as they do in my minds eye, I think that's why I keep putting it off!