18 June 2009

Photography Tips Anyone?

Over the next few weeks I'd like to share a few simple photography tips and more specifically some advice and how to's for new craft sellers to improve their pictures. You can find links to the this series of posts in the sidebar.

I want to show you how to avoid taking pictures like this

and take more pictures like this...

Which one would you buy, ummm that's a tricky one!

I'm often on the Etsy and Folksy forums, mostly looking at people who want critiques of their shops, which I find fascinating - you get to see so many styles and tastes and it's a great way to discover new shops and pick up some good advice from seasoned sellers. I have noticed however that it's often photography that seems to be the real sticking point for alot of people. These craftsmen make beautiful items, spending hours (or days) on some of their creations only to have to translate all that painstaking work into a two dimensional showcase of just 5 pictures or 3 if you sell on Folksy!

No matter how expert you are at your craft, how lovingly and alluringly you describe your piece, not many people will notice your shop, let alone read the blurb and consider buying an item if your pictures are dark, blurred and look like they were taken for a high school project! My pictures are not the greatest by a long shot, but in the main they are sharp, bright and I feel confident that they clearly and attractively show what I've got for sale... feeling nervous now!

I'll be posting these tips regularly, and I'll try to cover as much as I can without making it too complicated. Just ask me a question if you're at all confused.

The first topic will be focussing on which functions are most useful to have on your digital camera and why, after that I'll discuss in more depth kit, lighting, focus, exposure, composition, backgrounds and anything and everything else I think a new seller may find useful including links to other helpful resources as I find them.