30 June 2009

Sail fast - Live slow

After 3 attempts I finally got a treasury on Etsy. It's called Sail Fast - Live Slow My inspiration was an amazing sailing holiday I took a few years ago. We sailed from Antigua to the Grenadines and then back again visiting a new island almost every day - the scenery was breathtaking, because your sailing you get a fantastic view of the islands - there was a fair bit of hard work but that made the evenings off more fun! I think it's this sudden heat wave here has got me thinking about wanting to be on a yacht with a rum punch in hand!

I didn't want the treasury to be all anchors and stripes, I wanted it to be classic and grown up, some of the items are way out of my price range but that's the whole joy of a list like this - I wish I had a suitcase full of gorgeous items like this!

The name came from a touristy little t-shirt I bought on that trip, it said Sail fast at the front and Live Slow at the back, that captured the mood perfectly.

If you want to know how to make your own Etsy treasury click here . There is so much demand to get one of these lists as not only is it fun it's a good way of getting people back to your own shop - marketing again! Also this is often how Etsy will pick the items on it's front page and they'll credit you for it - so fingers crossed, I hope the sellers I've included get some sales based on this.