17 June 2009

Time wasting and Folksy?!

It's official, I am a time waster! I've been playing around on the Etsy forums tonight and I'm worried now about the addictive quality of becoming an online seller - I read this post the other day from Ellebelle in the Etsy blog and it made me think, ummm perhaps I need to prioritise my time before it's too late! The t-shirt reads Etsy Orphan!

Exciting news! A few days ago a fellow blogger who bought one of my bead kits gave me a mention in her blog! She also has a Folksy shop, http://www.folksy.com/shops/SewScrumptious and was my first Folksy sale, her blog is called sew scrumptious, and well worth a visit - Here's one of her lovely aprons, she also makes really cute crayon rolls.

I'm going to make links to more shops on Folksy to help promote us Brits as Folksy is a very sleepy baby brother in comparisson with the loud teenage rantings of Etsy, so will try and feature other sellers items here on a weekly basis. Will give me agood excuse to go window shopping!