24 June 2009


Another installment in my photography tips series...

A tripod is an invaluable part of kit if you want to take good quality photographs.

It doesn't need to be anything expensive - ebay has alot for less than £10 including postage, I just checked and found mine, a Jessops TP320 for 99p + £4.99 postage. Click here for more tripods on ebay.

There are many reasons why a tripod can improve your photographs - here are a few, followed by some photographic evidence!
  1. They eliminate blur from camera shake, this is especially true if you are taking close up pictures as every tiny movement is magnified.

  2. They allow you to take pictures in lower or low light conditions when a longer shutter speed is required. Ideally you should not hand hold your camera at less than 1/30th of a second at the very least, and that's if you have really steady hands.

  3. They allow you to adjust the aperture without having to worry about using a longer shutter speed, allowing you more control and flexibility over the final image. (I'll go into aperture/shutter speeds in a later post!)

  4. You can avoid having to use a flash, especially an inbuilt flash which will produce very harsh direct light.

  5. Repeatability, maximising consistency of lighting and composition which will give an online shop a more professional, slick appearance.

  6. You have your hands free to hold a reflector or even be a model - as long as you have an a timer function.

The evidence...



  • Photo A - Handheld, no reflector

  • Photo B - Tripod, reflector held from above

Both pictures were taken indoors in a well daylit room, without any artificial lighting and using auto settings. With both photos I did my normal adjustments to brightness and contrast once I had them on my computer, I needed to brighten photo A alot more to bring it up anywhere near photo B, but no amount of brightening can make photo A have the clarity of Photo B. (I'll look at basic photo editing soon)