17 July 2009

Beetroot... Any ideas?

Here's P attempting to water the gherkins - we seem to have grown quite a alot of veg this year that's going to involve us buying enormous quantities of vinegar for pickling, we're seriously stock piling jam jars, we probably have more than the local pharmacy has tamiflu! The beetroots are getting big and I need to think about recipes other than red flannel hash to use them in, they desperately need picking but I'm away this weekend and don't have time (or inclination) for pickling today, so hash it is tonight!

My neighbour says she just grates them raw over salad which sounds by far the easiest way of dealing with them, especially as we have enough lettuce to feed the terrace. Luckily we've been getting some peas and rasberries in exchange but next year I think I will halve the salad bed and grow more leeks and onions. I can see now why it's always the octagenarians that have those immaculate looking allotments - you need at least 60yrs experience to get it right!

I had no idea how large and sprawling pumpkins were, we planted 3 of them in front of our beans although one has turned into a courgette and of course we're so short of those this year!!!? The others have gone mad, the leaves are gigantic and they're sending out runners that are over 2 metres long, searching for nutrients I suppose - must feed them soon, I wonder if they would like lettuce stew... I heard you can make nettle tea as a plant food so maybe it's not that crazy.

Let me know if you have any good beetroot recipes, especially if it contains courgettes!