03 July 2009

Cake, ladybirds and courgettes for everyone

Yesterday I made this rather interesting looking cake for my daughters class cake sale. I decided to make a bog standard victoria sponge but didn't have any round tins so used a loaf tin. Once I'd poured the mixture in I realised that this was going to be the most boring cake ever.
So, a genius idea came to me, I swirled nutella on the top of it, a few good spoonfuls and I guess because nutella is not cake mixture it changed the consisitency of the top of the cake making it flakey and ruffled - it smelt delicious and looked intentional (and wasn't burnt!) but I'll never know what it tasted like, fingers crossed its not too awful. I may make it again for us to eat - it was very easy or I could buy it at the cake sale but that seems somehow wrong.

Here we have a stunningly beautiful (and very useful) little ladybird and her friend at the back, They are guarding our veg from nasty pests, this is a 7 spot and not one of the carniverous harlequin types.
I was trying to explain depth of field with a series of pics when I photographed this ladybird but had to stop as my son was trying to kill himself on our new patio steps, I thought I'd share it today as it leads me onto this...

...Our first courgettes since last year not counting the gallons of courgette chutney we made. We actively haven't bought them in the shops mostly because of the pain of last years glut (still got chutney if your interested!) and we've gone and planted even more this year - at least the neighbours will be getting their 5 a day too... (that's 5 courgettes!)
N.B. These pictures were taken fairly late last night so do excuse slighty unusual lighting, wine is not a photographers friend.