10 July 2009

God is in the Details

A quote I remember from university (one of the two!), "God is in the details" famously said by an architect called Mies van der Rohe when talking about using restraint in design, he was a very very cool dude, don't worry I'm not about to write an essay about him I'll leave that to wikipedia.

I thought of it as I was watering veg this morning, feeling depressed that there are still mounds of bare earth at the top of the garden and pallets from all the various deliveries we've had.

In my head I was superimposing decking and elaborately planted borders and cafe furniture in order to make this area over into a sophisticated place for a sun downer, but I noticed that despite the dust and mess there are some amazing plants, poppies and grasses that have struggled up through the clay and really all we need do is scatter some grass seed and this area will be naturally beautiful. Maybe we could make a bench with those pallets, a minimalist one of course...

A Poppy seed head, there are lots of these growing - a real design classic, If I was religious I would be congratulating the architect behind this one.

This is a selection of the many different types of grasses that have grown up there (thanks to the bird feeder I think) We can't mow up anywhere near the bare earth because of all the stones so we really do have a mini meadow forming, look at the variety of all the seed heads. Even E seems to have noticed these little details, check out the amazing grass she's drawn in this picture, it's really well observed and yet only four fingers on the girls hand (???).