14 July 2009

Mummy Milestones

I just reached 2 in one day!

I got handed a white envelope this morning with my daughters school report! She is just finishing the last week of reception and she's done so well - I'm glowing with pride. It's 2 pages long, lots of National Curriculum lingo in there but a few little gems for us to cherish. I've read it about three times now with a kind of perma grin.

Also this morning was sports day so I was able to jump up and down on the sidelines, in a non competitive way of course for every hoop looped, bean bag chucked and she didn't drop the egg either! Although no real eggs here, strange plastic egg and spoons - things have changed a bit since I was 5. E's team came 2nd out of 12 so I was so pleased for her as she has been getting so nervous about today and all the people watching - hopefully this will be a real boost to her confidence. She is sporting 'brave bunches' today with pink ribbons, they seem to really help her when she's feeling shy.

I didn't get to compete in a mums race though so I'm a little dissapointed - my mother used to come straight from work to our sports day and then at the mention of the parents race she'd kick her heels off, hoick her skirt up and almost always win against mums in track suits and trainers - we used to be so proud!

I wonder what the next milestone will be... ?