06 July 2009

Out with the old (and too tight)

I found this top at the back of the wardrobe over the weekend, I've had it for a few years, and I never wear it as it's just slightly on the small side so it doesn't hang right on me. I love the material though and I promised E that I'd do something with it for her, she wanted it for a dress but it drowned her and the elasticated detail was around her knees. I didn't find any time on the weekend, other than to buy some elastic and new needles so today I decided to ignore the housework and do some sewing while P had his nap, so I could have a surprise waiting for E when she got home from school.

It had a really wide belt of plain red fabric (it's all scrunched up in the pic) so I used that for the waist band and had some spare to add some ties onto the top, to make it into a little ballet style top - I had to guess a bit with the sizes, I narrowed the top slightly but it still needs a few minor alterations to make it a perfect fit. It looks pretty good though and E is very pleased.

The existing elastic band works really well for a bit of detail and the small part of the wrapover left looks a little like a pocket detail.

There were belt loops which I snipped off and repositioned on the back of the top to take the tie backs.

A tip for anyone wanting their daughter to stand still - shout "first position" (I think her ballet teacher would be proud!)

I'm inspired to go through the rest of my wardrobe now... (Does it count as upcycling even though technically the top was still wearable? - need to do some googling, especially as that's going to be this weeks folksy mini treasury theme)