07 July 2009

Why do I need a Blog to sell Craft?

If you have just opened your first online shop then you’ve probably already heard that you need a blog… what, really? Why?

This is why I think they help with an online craft shop…

When you go into a real shop you are surrounded by real sights and aromas, you can touch and feel!

Imagine the scene… (I get to the point eventually)

After a sunny walk along the river you may stop for a latte and a slice of the most delicious home-made cake in an arty coffee shop , you’re feeling bright and cultural as you walk through the city, breathing in the sights, receptive to new ideas and happy to take a few random detours as you wonder along - and then you spy an intriguing little shop full of original and unique pieces and you just have to have that bracelet, it is your birthday next week…

Or maybe you’ve had a morning on the veg plot breaking your back pulling carrots, rewarded by a hearty lunch at the local pub and a quick nose around the village fete. You see the most adorable stall run by one of the mums on the pta, so you buy a cute little pencil case which has a bead kit inside, a perfect gift for Jemima’s first day of school next term… Do you see where I’m going with this! (please excuse blatant self promotion - and I’m not actually on the pta!)

So the blog sets the scene, it not only helps people to get a feeling of who you are and why they may want to browse around but it can be a way of putting people in the mood to buy as they sit at their dining table lap top trying to ignore the screams of children arguing over the T.V. remote. And of course your scene need not be pretentious or poncy…

In a real shop or at a craft fair you have an instant impression of the ethos and kudos of the seller and fairly quickly you know if you’re likely to be getting your wallet out or stopping to browse – and even if you don’t buy today you’ll be sure to tell your friends about your find or come back when you need a gift.

This doesn’t mean that you have to try and pretend to be something you’re not or that you have to have an amazingly unique life, just talk about what interests or pleases you. Be careful not to put people off, if I'm buying knitted baby blankets I don't want to hear about the 5 dogs that keep you company while you knit in bed.

I use blogger (it’s free) – so I get an address like this http://www.haptreeandme.blogspot.com/ . At first I was gutted that haptree was taken (yes that popular name…) but now I love my blog name as it’s more than just my my shops and advertising, it’s a little bit of me too.

I hope this offers a different perspective to the purely advertising and marketing, hit hit hit articles that are around – although that stuff is really important too because you need traffic. Try not get disheartened if you think no one is reading your posts, those posts will be there for all your future readers and followers to browse through when you’re rich and famous! (Jesus only had 12 followers!)

All the images that I have used in this blog are for sale on etsy - please click the images to take a closer look!

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