12 August 2009

My Welsh Home

A few pictures from my recent trip to my mothers house in North Wales, which was not only my childhood home but hers too. The garden is vast and a full time job for my mother and aunt, they have allowed certain areas to naturalise with huge ferns springing up all over, it's great to get lost in and especially good for the kids. There are drops, as the garden was terraced by my grandfather and also 3 ponds so we can't take our eyes off P for a second. E is old enough to play on her own now although she mostly wants to play hide and seek which can take some time, I found her lost in thought twirling around on the swing and couldn't resist taking a photo.

P mostly likes to climb... he was trying to get out of the window as he'd just seen the cat jump out through it.

The veg garden has to be rabbit proofed so they've grown a box hedge around it which also protects it from the wind, we enjoyed some lovely french beans whist we were staying and also got to taste the little tomatillos that are growing in the green house (it's behind the beans) - my brother collected the tomatillo seeds on a trip to South America from some growing wild in a hedgerow, so they are now 2nd or 3rd generation. This year I'm going to try to collect seeds from everything I'm growing, far more satisfying than buying them.

In the background you can see E and W playing on the see saw with my sisters niece, W built it last summer, it's a lot of fun and has an adult height setting. We don't have two people in the family that weigh the same so it usually involves adding extra children to try and get a bit of equilibrium, like a pair of old fashioned scales - we need a toddler this end!

Some beautiful flowers I picked from the garden - my mother said they were lovely but complained they smelt of feet, the tansy smells awful (thats the yellow stuff) so I've learnt that you need to sniff flowers before picking them.
My photo tips series is on holiday (too much holidaying to do!) It will be back in September!