24 August 2009


Have you heard of 'Twibes' on twitter, did you know I'm a bit of a twitter fan? I'm @haptree if you'd care to follow me and I tweet about all sorts of things and quite often I 'flog my blog' on there, so you can keep up with my posts (what a hideous phrase I think I just invented, let me never use it again!)  Twitter really is a great help with boosting your readership and something like twibes really helps you to find the like minded people who may be interested in your posts.

Here's what a Twibe is - This is Adam from @Twibes

Sounds a bit like he's doing an impwession of @Wossy to me!
So imagine you may only have 50 or so followers but if you include #VegGarden then that tweet has the potential to be seen by the 261 members of that twibe.
When searching through Twibes, I'm a member of the twibes, Etsy, Craftblogs and  VegGarden, quel surprise! I was gobsmacked, to see that no one had started a 'twibe' for Folksy so I did.
I told my other half that I had started a twibe and he said, "Oh right so does that mean you have to do battles and stuff"  Umm no, it doesn't...   hopefully the video above makes it fairly clear what a twibe is for and besides Folksy would need another couple of thousand members before we could do battle with the likes of Etsy without it being a modern day equivalent of David and Goliath.   Not that I'm condoning any rivalry, I'm switzerland on that score, fingers in both pies you see, any one got another metaphor/similie I could use in this post?!
Look only 37 members so far!
So, if you are a folksy seller or buyer (yes buyers are more than welcome mwah ha ha ha!) or if you just like the idea of Folksy types then please join and find lots of other Folksy folk to chat to and maybe follow, remember to include the tags, handmade, folksy or craft.  here's the link - http://www.twibes.com/group/Folksy
I'm off en vacances tomorrow, can you guess where I'm going?  So I'm about to close up my shops, I leave you with this sad image of an unsold bead kit (including a beautiful, handmade wristlet crafted lovingly from fine japanese import fabric!!!)- a snip at only £9.50 ($15) so why hasn't it sold! No sales in a month in fact...   please do use my time away to comment and give me some top tips to boost my sales.

(Just look at all those lovely beads waiting to be transformed into some beautiful bracelets!)

Bon Nuit x