15 September 2009

Blog Post Titles - SEO tips from Etsy Bloggers

Gallery Juana

I often have trouble deciding on a title.  It’s rare for me to think of the title first, I go to click publish and realise I haven’t titled the post, then head in hands I try to think up something quickly - but not any more!

In a recent thread I posted on the forums Creations by Juliann had this good advice about blog post titles.

Creations by Julieann
“The title of your blog should grab your reader. I wrote a blog titled, "My Couch: The Monster" and I seemed to get more views that day. My guess is that an interesting title can greatly increase traffic.”

So how important is the title of your Blog Post?

I use google reader, and I have to admit the title really makes a difference to whether I click to read the post or just skip to the next on the list, the first photo and first paragraph are also important for this reason too.

But the title is important on a much larger scale than to appeal just to your existing followers. If your goal is to increase your readership then it is important that you include words in the title that are relevant to the content of your post as this is what will be returned in searches. It’s all about that abbreviation we see everywhere S.E.O. Search engine optimisation, for those new to this that's basically techno speak for 'how to get more people to my blog/shop who will actually be interested in reading my posts/buying my stuff'.

Gallery Juana who created the beautiful line drawing at the top of this post has lots of good SEO tips in her blog.

For example I could have called this post, ‘What’s in a name’ but it has no clues in the title that I’m giving tips about blogging and seo that you might find useful as an etsy or folksy seller. More likely I’d have people who were 8 months pregnant clicking and then immediately ‘bouncing’ away (hee hee no pun intended).   I’d like to believe they may like my bead kits and stay, but I know that when I'm searching if I don't get what I wanted when I click, I'll be back to the search results fairly rapidly.

Sleepy Moon Designs, who made this beautiful pendant below recommends having a weekly blog post people can "look forward to" - I post a weekly post on Thursdays called my 'Folksy Mini Treasury'. I always make the title, 'Folksy Mini Treasury' followed by a catchy subtitle of the weeks theme, that way my regular blog readers  know what they are getting and it still features in relevant searches because of the subtitle.

Sleepy Moon Designs

So take a little time deciding on a title for your next post, it could make a huge difference to how many people get to read it, but don’t forget the content is important too. You may be inviting people for a coffee but you’ll want them to stay for a three course meal, after dinner espresso and a quick game of charades.

If you treat your blog visitors like the bloggers behind etsy shop Quite Nice your visitors may even decide to move in!  Apart from wrapping her blog readers up in lovely Afghans, here's what Sandy from We are Quite Nice had to say about her style of blogging -

Quite Nice“We haven't featured any other shops in our blog, but it is upbeat and positive. It's about our life and life in general. Be yourself...not fake. I think people like to read about someone else's life sometimes. I think our funniest blog is titled 'Basketball and Toilet Paper'"
Now there's an interesting title I bet you'll just have to read!
I’ll be expanding upon lots of the great advice I was given in the thread I posted requesting blogging tips over the next few weeks, so please do leave your own ideas on there too and I may use them in the weeks to come.  You will also find a lot more great tips there.  All the pictures I have used today are clickable and from Etsy sellers that have posted on the thread, I'll include more next week (thankyou).

Here is the thread link - Blogging Tips - Please share and be featured!

What was your best blog post title - please share it in the comments!