19 September 2009

Craft Blog Uk - Folksy Wikizine!

I've set up this new zine called Craft Blog Uk on the interactive online magazine site, Zimbio.   Please take a look, and add your own posts - it's a melting pot!

Craft Blog UK Makers United on Folksy

It will be a place for people to upload blog posts about Folksy and the Uk handmade market and it's there for everybody to join in adding their own relevant articles, links, comments and of course lots of photographs of our crafts, for everyone to ogle over and to help promote uk handmade sites.  The news feed comes direct from the Folksy blog so hopefully people who come across the zine through searches will be directed not only to our blogs via the articles but also to the Folksy site itself.  Apparently Zimbio has 18million readers a month from around the world, so maybe a few of them might take a look our way!

It's very easy to add your own blog posts, register with the site and follow the instructions.  There is an orange box top right of our page which allows you to add your posts, old or new.

Take a look around it and let me know what you think, either in the comments here or in the Folksy forum on this thread. Promoting Folksy in a new place.