10 September 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - Steampunk...

Emlyl's Realm Jezebel Charms
Skullduggery Discardae
Molly Magpie Jewellery Steampunk Jewellery

...da Funk

HG Wells and Jules Verne would be hard pressed to conjure up a finer selection of jewellery!   The steampunk revival is here and being fully embraced by Folksy's finest, so dust off your frock coats and top hats and indulge in a bit of retro-victoriana.  Images are clickable for more details and shops are linked below. 

Time Travelling Cufflinks Silver/Black £14.90 - Enlyl's Realm
Captain Nemo Pocket Watch Steampunk Necklace £45.00 - Jezebel Charms
Steampunk Bracelet £20.00 - Skullduggery
Metal starflower hairstick £25.00 - Discardae
Timeless Earrings - Clock Hands £8.99 - Molly Magpie Jewellery
Van Vaas Phantasmagorical Device £30.00 - Steampunk Jewellery