18 September 2009

Hosta Advice Needed.

Well, yesterday was a gardener's question time theme but today is the real thing, look!...   What happened to my beautiful Hostas!? When I bought this one from a plant sale, back in May when I first started this blog, the man said, "do you know, slugs eat hostas for breakfast, lunch and dinner". Well he was quite right and whilst my interests have been focussed more on the veg garden the slugs appear to have opened an all you can eat restaurant.

As a novice Hosta grower (blimey I sound 90!) I'm not 100% sure what to do with them next now we are approaching winter.  I'm tempted to cut back all their slug infested leaves or perhaps I should just leave them to die back naturally now? I must do some more googling, but I'm hoping some of you especially those from Blotanical might be able to help! 

Here's a more happy view from the garden today, a beautiful little bee on my michaelmas daisy which is adding some much needed colour at the building site end of the garden.

One more thing un garden related, take a look at this blog from Chantal at Hotdogandme featuring a treasury of my folksy shop :).  I'm thinking of writing a tutorial post of my mini treasury template as it seems quite a popular format.