14 September 2009

I love my Delica Space Gear!

We had a very exciting weekend as I exchanged my peugot 206 SW for this monster - it is indeed a monster, it has a super long wheelbase and it's so tall - I'm only 5ft so I look quite ridiculous next to it but as it's Japanese everything in it can be adjusted so it's a lovely drive for me and my first ever automatic.    It has so much space inside, 7 seats all adjustable and with arm rests - 2 of them are captain seats so they swivel around so you can face the other way and have a little table in the middle!  Its so cool...   and so BIG!

We do an awful lot of travelling as our families are all spread across the UK so this is to make the ride just that little bit more comfortable and allow us to take all our stuff with ease.  It will be so useful for camping trips as we can attach an awning and use it as a wet weather retreat.

The one issue is the fact we have now got a pretty thirsty diesel engine (approx 29mpg, not too bad) so we are going to be installing this processor in a shed at the top of our garden - our very own diesel making machine!  It looks quite complicated!!!  This one comes from Golden Ray and it is estimated to save nearly £2000 a year per car!  Plus it's 80% greener to use biodiesel than it is to use regular diesel, it's made from vegetable oil.  
The idea is that you collect waste oil from a local restaurant and then with a few chemicals added and some filtration out comes super clean biodiesel. It's a win win situation!  We need to investigate all the ins and outs and we're going to attend a seminar to make sure we know what we're doing, but it sounds great doesn't it?
Once we have it up and running I'll let you all know how we're getting on with it, hopefully in the next few months...  I would love to know if any of my readers make their own biodiesel, please leave some comments if you have any advice, or if you just want to let me know how cool my new ride is!
I'm off to join the delica owners club now - more forums for me to natter on!