20 September 2009

I'm a winner - Now I want more to enter!

Look what I won!

This super sweet little cosmetic purse made by Marilyn from Etsy's Missy Mao Mao is winging it's way to me from Australia!  It was a giveaway on her blog http://www.missymaomao.blogspot.com/, I've enetered a few giveaways on blogs before, I can't believe I actually won though, I can't wait for it to arrive!

Marylin is a Brit abroad and has recently opened another shop on Etsy called MarylinCardinal which has some gorgeous leather bags and purses, like this appliqued pouch below.  I'd love to have a go at sewing leather but I've always assumed it to be really difficult and steered clear, perhaps I'll be brave and give it a go myself soon.  (where do you get leather from ? I've never noticed it in my local fabric shop - more googling needed me thinks)

Good luck with the new shop Marilyn! 

If any of you are having a giveaway or know of any good ones I should be entering please share them with me, I've got the giveaway bug now!  Leave your links in the comments below :o) 

If you use <a href="LINK">VISIBLE TEXT</a> then they should be clickable. 
Copy and paste all of the red text  and then edit it by relacing the word LINK with the url address, http:// and where I've written VISIBLE TEXT, can you guess?  Yes thats where you write what you want to appear.  (oooh a mini html lesson)

Or just write it how you want - as the links are always clickable on the emails I get.