01 September 2009

Lavender Hangies

E and I picked some lavender yesterday as I promised we'd make some little lavender pillows together - I think you're supposed to let it really dry out first but we didn't have the patience for that.  I thoroughly recommend sewing in the garden as well as sowing, I did both so all boxes ticked for a lovely day!

E isn't tall enough to press the foot pedal and feed through the material so she crouched underneath and followed my instructions of GO and STOP, it felt a bit like not being in control of the accelerater when you're driving.

These little pillows have twine hooks for slipping over a coat hanger or door knob, I love garden string and I think it works really well with this pretty material, which was courtesy of my mother. I've used it recently as a lining for a tweed bag I made to take on holiday last week, but it really deserves to be shown off more.

Here they are, just two as we had to stop for tea time, I've got enough lavender in the front garden to make another 6 and plenty more birdy material to play with, I may make some different shapes next.