21 September 2009

Making a clickable comment on a blog

For some reason blogger doesn't make the links that people leave clickable, unless you use a little html.

This is a super simple tip so don't be scared off by the thought of html. I know alot of you will know how to do this already and there are probably lots of other sites on the internet that you can learn this from but for those who don't already know and who have never thought to look before, here's how it's done.  I did mention this in my previous post but I just thought that it deserved to be a post of it's own because it's such a useful little tip.


<a href="LINK">TEXT</a>

Copy and paste all of the above code and then edit it by relacing the word LINK with the url address, starting http:// and replace TEXT with what you want to appear, ie. the clickable writing.   Only amend the green text and don't change the red.

For example, I'm writing a post in a forum or on a bloggers comments and I want to achieve this -

I just learned how to make Clickable comments on forum posts and blog comments!
I would write this
I just learned how to make <a href="http://haptreeandme.blogspot.com/">Clickable comments</a> on forum posts and blog comments
I have left the html highlighted in red just so you can see how little extra you have to write.  I advise you use the preview comment tool to check that your link is working before you post the comment when commenting on a blog.  The first two comments below probably explain why this is a useful thing to do better than I can here, I think that a clickable comment may make the difference between someone taking a few seconds to visit the link or just not bothering.

Please feel free to practise below!

*EDIT* Some people seem to be having problems because of the colour so here it is in just black - same instructions as above apply, just replace LINK and TEXT, don't touch the speech marks!

<a href="LINK">TEXT</a>