29 September 2009

More Tips from Etsy Bloggers - Why and When!

I thought I would share a few more tips from some Etsy sellers and bloggers, gathered from a thread I posted recently.

Why do you write a blog?

Of all the posts I think it became easy to see what these bloggers felt was most important, and that was allowing your personality to shine through your posts.

The seller behind Etsy's BlackRose, creator of this gorgeous ring above, really summed it up for me

“I'd say blog because you love writing and have a strong interest or passion for what you are blogging about”

I totally agree! When I’m reading a blog, a stream of ‘I made this’ with the exact same photos as in the shop is terribly dull, regardless of how talented you are and you could really just ask someone else to do that for you!

If every page of a glossy magazine was advertising without a single article you’d be unlikely to buy it again the following month. I would add however that this doesn't mean I'm not interested in the process of making crafts, and any insight into how a piece is made or the inspiration behind it is a fascinating read, especially if there are great new images to boot and we get a flash of the workspace!  Just look at how popular My Creative Space by Kootoyo has become,  I'm yet to take part (my messy space doesn't have the same ring to it!) but it's so interesting to take a look into peoples works spaces.

If I wasn’t interested in the whole process of advertising and marketing then it would be difficult for me to justify the time I spend researching blogging tips and learning html, but I really do enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoy pottering in my garden, which I also blog about rather alot! I think up blog posts when I’m doing mundane work in the house or in the garden, it’s a great form of escapism. I really should keep a notebook handy to jot down all my ideas...

When to Blog?

Another thing that bloggers who contributed to the thread felt was important was the frequency of your posts, but does it really matter if you only blog once a month, or once a week?

The seller behind EclecticaByJan, who made that beautiful Notebook above, thinks it does matter. she said,

 "Just keep on blogging! Add a new post 3-4 times a week (that's my goal :) to keep your blog fresh and readers coming back” She then adds a point to which I whole heartedly agree, “remember, more is not always better - eleventy hundred posts a day becomes annoying, not attractive. Strive for a happy balance!"

One of my own favourite blogs (non crafty I have to add) has posts once or twice a month but I read every one avidly and sometimes more than once because they are each such well crafted pieces.   Perhaps as important as how often you blog is how much you market each post.  I have my own routine of mentioning my posts in the forums and sending out a tweet (not too many but enough to let people know!) which really helps to increase my readership and gain me a few new followers.  Just search for blogs within forum posts and you'll find plenty of places to add your link. 

She's Batty, who also contributed to the Etsy thread I posted, has some great tips for organising your marketing and 'online' time, she is one of the writers behind http://www.handmadenews.org/ which is a very useful corner of the internet to go for tips on all sorts of crafting issues.  She also has some excellent halloween cards, like this one which seemed so apt as we're nearly in October!

Next week I’m planning to look at a few applications and widgets that can help improve your blog’s visibility in search engines, just to add to that marketing list! 

Please let me know your thoughts about blogging and feel free to leave a link to your own blog for me to take a look.  You can find my tutorial on leaving clickable comments in blogger here.