03 September 2009

Photo tips are back!

If you are selling craft on the internet you will soon discover that the quality of your photographs can make a real difference to how your shop is perceived by others. Professional, clean and consistent photographs will sell your products, beautify your blog, and increase the chances of other sellers or bloggers wanting to use your products in treasuries and features.

Dingy, dull and lifeless 'snaps' will turn people off pretty quickly, especially those buyers who found you through a search engine and are less forgiving than the 'handmade' crowd.
I hope that my weekly tips will help to improve your photographs for your online shops, blogs and family snaps, and you don't need a camera worth a fortune...

I have created a page (Click above!!!) with quick links to all my posts which I will update regularly allowing you to easily navigate through my tips as they build up.  I'm currently trying to teach myself some (very) basic html so please let me know if you find any glitches.

[Next Wednesday I'll be discussing light metering, and from now on I'll be updating this post weekly so you can see all these links easily in one place]