25 September 2009


I picked off this beauty yesterday- lovely isn't he! All of the others rotted which was a bit dissapointing but there is still a huge one that I'm hoping will last until halloween for E to cut up.  So I'm now online looking for pumkin recipes.  I love making soup with roasted vegetables it really adds to the flavour having roasted them first, so maybe this one is destined to be soup, I've never cooked or eaten pumpkin soup so it could be interesting!

After a bit of googling I found a recipe for pumpkin cake, yet another vegetable that we can turn into cake!  Chocolate beetroot cake has to be the most bizarre I've seen so far, I wonder what other vegetables people have used in cake?  Please share your veg cake oddities!

We have decided to buy a massive shed!  Just the word shed fills me with joy, but a huge one all ready for dozens of shelves and storage and a workshop - it's a very exciting prospect.  The main reason we're getting a new shed is to take the new biodiesel making machine.  My credit card is wearing thin!  It's going to be alot of work and I'm having to say goodbye to my huge salad bed in exchange for a smaller raised bed.    We'll have a large deck in front of the shed as that's where we get the very last rays of sun before it drops behind the house - a great spot for a beer after a hard days gardening, as you can see I have very expensive taste :)