12 October 2009

Bead Kits - Girly Gifts for Christmas

I hate to say it but xmas is certainly looming and although I've banned my daughter from mentioning it until mid November I think I'm going to have to start getting haptree stocked up.  This is my first post with the label Christmas!

I'm awaiting a delivery of millefiori beads for my kits and I need to assess my stock pile of fabric and probably order a little more as I already have quite a few orders - the green and pink matryoshka fabric is really popular.  So you will soon be seeing oodles of my haptree bead kits making their way into my shops, with lots of fabrics to choose from.

They are really popular with little girls - from all the feedback I've had most of the kits have been bought for little girls aged around 8 or 9.  My own daughter is 5 and manages really well with the threading.  I use a little bulldog clip on one end of the elastic, which is the thick elastic not that limp stuff I've seen in other kits - I've also chosen the largest seed beads I can so that little fingers can easily pick them up and there are lots of beads inluded.  One of my friends in her 30's bought a kit for herself so she could keep the wristlet and give the contents to her niece!

So if you know any little girls, have daughters, nieces or granddaughters and you think they would love to receive one of my wristlets & bead kits for Christmas - get your order in nice and early - I have a feeling I'm going to be quite busy!   (The kits are £11.50 +p&p and I ship worldwide) Please email me if you would like one and I will list it on Folksy for you as a custom order or you can paypal me directly.  I prefer to list on Folksy than Etsy as currently they don't charge commission (it's free to register with them as a buyer or seller).

I'd love to know what you think of my kits - please leave a comment!