02 October 2009

Chard, the triffids are coming.

Do you remember me talking about the gigantic swiss chard during the summer? (here) We had 4 plants in my salad bed that had made it through last winter and they eventually reached over 6ft as we let them go to seed.  We just had too many other things that needed eating up so it was basically left pretty much untouched.

You can see it above my daughters head in this photo, what looks like a small tree - that's the chard back in July this year.  I hacked it down soon after and I remember thinking, blimey this is dusty. Yep, in hindsight it seems it was not dust but tiny seeds (I'm still quite new at all this!)

We now have chard growing everywhere, in all the veg beds, up through the gravel and absolutely zillions growing on our compost heap.  Can you imagine what our garden would look like if I left them all to grow!  They would soon be taking over the whole terrace...  and beyond.  I wish I'd never read The Day of the Triffids, I'm starting to get a bit concerned, maybe I should investigate whether I can turn them into biodiesel somehow for my new monster van, just like in the book!  I'll let you know if they start moving.

Yesterday as I was in tesco picking up a bag of salad and thinking how fantastic it was during the summer having fresh salad growing in abundance, I didn't buy any from April right through to August, we must have saved so much money.  I was kicking myself for not sowing our winter salad leaves yet. 

Whilst having my lunch today I thought I wonder what these are looking at some slightly familiar leaves from the 'seasonal baby leaf salad' bag I had purchased yesterday for a quid!

In case you can't read it it's chard and spinach, both of which I have absolutely masses of, what a donut - I could be selling it I have so much let alone eating it!

Just one more picture of Goliath - everything around him is rotting and dying off...  but he sits there proudly, is it wrong to have formed this sort of attachment to a pumpkin? (he is very beautiful!)

(here he is as a baby - awww bless!)