23 October 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - He respects Owl...

FluffsStuffs NicsKnots
Colourspace ai
RosieSavidge KookyKoolKreatures

 ...because you can't help respecting anybody who can spell Tuesday!

From Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne.  Owls and all things owly have a real following amongst the handmade market - I'm thinking of printing some fabric with owls sitting on mushrooms, how quickly would that sell!  No longer are they considered sinister and mournful they have been reborn as cute and funky fabrics and plushies to adorn our houses and accesories in a kind of seventies nostalgic hoot.  Folksy sellers certainly haven't been left behind - all images are clickable!

Kawaii owls cute chunky charm bracelet£15.00 FluffsStuffs
'Ruby' childs tote bag. Owls and hedgehogs£8.00NicsKnots
Rosa Owl£4.00 ai
Sew Me, Oswald Owl in Pink£22.00Rosie Savidge
Au Lait the Owl Felt Brooch£4.00 KookyKoolKreatures

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