16 October 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - The Suppliers

Isabelle & Kate's fabrics Uniquely Different Fabric
madeREAL Tamsyn G
Ready steady Sew Paper Fish

...Just Say NO!

My name is Hilary and I'm addicted to craft supplies...  It started off with a few buttons, 10p a bag from the local charity shop, before long I was a regular on ebay (that was my real low point) "just another fat quarter wont hurt",  I managed to keep it under control at first, my family didn't know but now I don't know which way to turn, how can they ever understand...   It's too late for me, I'm onto the hard stuff now, Kokka Japanese import fabric!  How can I stay clean with these Folksy dealers waving this beautiful stuff under my nose. Craft Stash Anonymous, anyone got the number?

Japanese fabric - ladybirds and flowers
£4.40 Isabelle & Kate
Kawaii Animal Faces Japanese Fabric FQ
£3.25 Uniquely Different Fabric
Kokka - Cute Pink Girl in Village
£3.50Alice's Wonderland
Russian Doll Fabric
FQ Large Mushroom Print Cotton
£4.00Ready Steady Sew
Half Metre COUNTRY FAYRE fabric

Next weeks theme is going to be OWLS!  Chosen by the lovely Fancy Lady - check out her blog (I'm afraid her cupcakes don't travel overseas but if your in the states - here's her shop)

- so please let me have your owly links Folksy folk!

Any suggestions for upcoming theme's would be most welcome and rewarded, please leave a comment or send me a tweet.   Remember you can also win a whole months free advertising just like Natalie's Nook did last month (see her advert up there on the left?) - enter now, it's easy peasy! Advertising Giveaway!