14 October 2009

Let Battle Commence...

I've just signed up for a Winter fair on december the 5th - having said I was way to busy to make up the stock, a sudden twinkling of christmas lights, the smell of mince pies and faint lull of silent night fell upon me and it was as if it was meant to be...  (also a little moral support from my W helped) so I've chosen to do this fabulous one (I hope) to be held at the site of the Battle of Britain HQ.  In case you're unfamiliar and need directions that would be Bentley Priory, Stanmore, North London - Yes my WW2 history isn't up to much either.

Look it's beautiful!  Apparently there is an Italianate garden too -oooh!  I wonder if the fair itself will be in these beautiful rooms... just imagine them all decorated beautifully too!

So I may not be blogging quite so frequently but rest assured Giveaway HQ will be updated and promoted daily!  Check the links in the sidebar for some new ones added yesterday.