21 October 2009

Useful Links and Websites for Online Sellers

Introducing 'The Linkathon!' aka Link HQ!

I found an amazing list of links from an Etsy thread posted by Nixcreations .  All sorts of helpful websites from new places to sell, to increasing traffic to your blog or sales from your online shop!

Nixcreations is a very switched on etsy seller with a great site, here's one of his beautiful pendants available from his, successful Etsy shop. I love the background - it works so well! Wish I had known about this shop when I did my photo tips on backgrounds! (See my links above for photo tips)

I looked at the list of useful links, and although there are a few I recognise and have used I thought it would be a fun excercise to take each link by turn and review it for both my benefit and for those reading this!  There just isn't enough time for all the promotional stuff so I hope by writing a few quick reviews every week I can find out what might work for me and what's just a waste of time.  I'll be editing and adding links to the list on my main LINK HQ post (you may have noticed I like the abbreviation HQ, makes me feel important!), so please feel free to add a link to a site you have found useful by commenting or emailing me. 

This beautiful ring is also available fro Nixcreations Etsy shop - Its made from a spoon!

Hopefully this series will become a really useful resource for me and other Etsy and Folksy sellers!  I'm going to start the ball rolling tomorrow and this will occupy my Thursday slot for the forseeable future.  Thanks again to Nixcreations for the list!  See the post after this one for the list itself!