16 November 2009

Blogging Tips and Tutorials

EDIT - Head over to Craft Blog UK for even more Blogging Tips and Tutorials

I've been writing and collecting lots of tips to make your blogger  or any blog more appealing and easier to navigate.  Making your blog look good and be user friendly will help you to attract and keep more followers and readers and hopefully direct more people to your shops, exposing more of your beautiful handmade items to the public. 

There is a mix of easy html tutorials with some more conceptual and subjective tips here, but don't run off scared it's all really easily achievable, you just need to take it step by step. Please leave a comment and a way of contacting you if you get stuck with anything and I'll try my best to help! 

See Craft Blog UK for all my new blogging tips!

Blogging Tips and HTML Tutorials

Make it Pretty!

Add a Shop Slideshow to your blog Nov 09
Photography Tips - Good photos = good blogs in my opinion!
Add a horizontal link bar (aka navigation bar) at the top of your blog below your blog title.

How, Why and When!
Ok so your blog looks amazing now but what's your motivation?

Why do I need a Blog to sell craft?
Tips from Etsy Bloggers
Blog Post Titles - are they important for SEO

Social Media and Advertising 
Is anyone actually reading your blog posts?

Craft Link HQ - All the links you'll ever need to boost readers, increase sales and get yourself noticed!

Useful little Extras!

Make a grabbable blog badge - free advertising!
Make a Clickable Comment on someones blog, one click to get to your shop from their blog!
Add this - Social Media Sharing button - one click sharing.
Tweetable Links - Make it really easy for people to send out tweets, write it for them!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks of your own for improving blogspot blogs, whether it be SEO related, html tutorials or just to make it aesthetically more pleasing! just write a comment.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through these ideas. :o)