11 November 2009

Christmas fair and shop Update

This week I have mostly been buying bits and pieces for my craft fair, ever the optimist I will of course be making back every penny (no self doubting here, no not me....  Aaaaargh!)

here's a few shots of what I have been making...

So lots of bead kits, wristlets and coin purses!  I'm also hoping to make some library bags, they will be appliqued with a flower like this on a plainer fabric - if I used the Japanese fabric they would be way too expensive.  I've bought yards and yards of new fabric but I've decided I must use up some of the fabric I have already - only 2 or 3 more things to make and I can start on the new stuff which has kittens, owls more gorgeous flowers and even some chritmassey stuff.

I've also got masses of millefiori beads and lovely opaque candy coloured seed beads which I have started turning into some very cute and bright jewellery.  I'll take some pictures next week as the packaging is going to look gorgeous but I haven't printed it all up yet. Still LOTS more to do! 

The shop is understocked at the moment but if you would like anything and you don't see it just convo me and I'll add a custom listing.  Thanks x H

The fair is on December 5th at Bentley Priory in North London - it's an amazing venue and there will be antiques, collectables, books and crafts...  if you live nearby please come and say hello!