20 November 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - Baby Folksy

Hand knitted rudolph the reindeer baby booties / slippers
£9.00 - LittlePudding Hand crochet green hat & booties with bow small/ premature baby
£6.00 - Nikki's Knitts
Pink Frill Cardigan
£7.00 - NansKnitts Little Light Plum 'Ugg' style boots 6 - 9 months
Organic Kimono Bear **SALE**
£15.00 - Boo-Biloo Pink baby pants
£7.00 - Over the Rainbow

...awwwwww booties

You'd have to have a heart of stone not to go a little goo goo ga ga over these cute baby knits!

I wrote this poem as a gift for my niece just before she was born.   (When the next one comes along I'll be visiting Folksy! - Just look at the amount of fab baby products available here that I didn't have room to include this week)

You are new!
Now clean, now dry,
A small bright marble
(you have fingernails and hair!)

So who is she, it’s ok she’s safe
She knows everything about you
Every single minute of you
Why, she even smells like you!

And him, he’s yours too
You just met, he held your hand
He cried - You are too beautiful
He will protect you and talk softly about the world.

Baby, be sure to show them everything about you
(and impress their friends too!)
But that’s all for tomorrow
You must sleep now.

Mummy needs to sleep too
Don’t you remember?
She just gave birth to you.
Hilary Pullen September 2005


Children in Need - Still Need You!

To all of you with twitter accounts, please, please send out this tweet to support the folksy Children in Need shop on Folksy, especially if you are unable to buy something from there yourself!  Your followers may have money to burn?

Children in Need Folksy Shop, beautiful handmade gifts for xmas - all proceeds go to Children in Need http://tinyurl.com/ybkfb8z
Just click the link to tweet this now!  It's that simple and that will cost you nothing (the least you can do, right?!) The link is shortened but it goes directly to Crafter oos charity shop.