13 November 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - Friday the 13th

'Good Luck' Cut-Out Four Leaf Clover Card
£4.50 Quite Contrary Crafts Good Luck necklace
£8.00 - Mazey Janner Crafts
my lucky spade! rainbow brooch
£8.00 - Nelli D Lucky 4-Leaf Clover Charm Pin
£2.95 - Sticher Scribbler
'Lucky' Sixpence Charm Necklace
£28.99 - Jupiter Rocks Cute Lucky Black Cat with Bell and Collar
£6.00 - The Hunny Bunny Company

...get lost Freddy!

Or was it Jason, horror movies aren't really my thing - but if you're battling with demons from beyond the grave or just hiding in your house due to your paraskevidekatriaphobia (yep wikipedia has it's uses!) then get to Folksy and check out all of these lucky treasures!  All the images are clickable (touch wood) or hover over for the prices.

Children in Need - Still Need You!

To all of you with twitter accounts, please, please send out this tweet to support the folksy Children in Need shop on Folksy, especially if you are unable to buy something from there yourself!  Your followers may have money to burn?

Children in Need Folksy Shop, beautiful handmade gifts for xmas - all proceeds go to Children in Need http://tinyurl.com/ybkfb8z
just click the link to tweet this now!  It's that simple and that will cost you nothing (the least you can do, right?!) The link is shortened but it goes directly to Crafter oos charity shop.