14 November 2009

haptree now 3D...

I had an idea for my display, to make it really stand out and today we made a start on it...  I'm getting a bit nervous as I've scrolled through lots of pictures of craft displays and I haven't seen anyone with a large sign above their heads yet...   hopefully it will look as brilliant as the idea in my head.  The idea is that it looks just like my shop and blog. Cost wise, we have most of the materials so it's working out pretty cheap.

W drew this up for me (I like that I'm a middle aged man!) and he's been working out all the logistics for attaching it, he's fairly expert at carpentry so I have faith that it wont collapse on me.  He's made it so that it is in 3 parts and it'll be lightweight and screwed together with a few bolts and wingnuts -  so easily assembled and dismantled.  The struts come up from the back of the table (my kitchen table, an ikea one with drawers, very useful!) and I'll be able to hang some of my bags up high, I have read height is important for impact but  have I gone too far?

We should really have been working on the house today, we have a bare concrete floor in the living room at the moment, but this fair is looming so I want to be sure it's all done in plenty of time.  Also had a lovely lunch out at an italian restaurant just next to the DIY shop, maybe diy followed by an Italian is a new cultural phenomenon, a bit like a kebab after the pub?  Why else would would they build them so close together?