12 November 2009

Shop Slideshow Gadget - Blogging Tips

I had a comment recently asking about one of the gadgets/widgets I have on my blog and I thought I'd share where they all come from over a few posts.  I'm sure some of you already have these (and more) so please let me know your favourites too.  Today I'll show you how to get the shop slideshow gadget.

Shop Slideshow

I think this will be particularly useful to any of you with a Folksy shop or other who is mourning the lack of an Etsy mini equivalent. Well in my opinion this is a better alternative and takes up less space in your sidebar.  I have removed my Etsy mini and when my Etsy shop is restocked I'll just use one of these instead.

My slideshow is on the right titled "Available at my shop now" - it scrolls through all the items I currently have for sale in my Folksy shop.  With one click people are taken directly to the item displayed.  You can add as many of these as you like for all of your various shops.  Neat huh! 

In the  'layout' tab on your blogger dashboard click on 'add gadget'.  Search for 'Slideshow' and click the plus sign.  Change the dropdown 'source' menu to 'Other'.  You now need to copy and paste the RSS feed from your shop into where it says 'Feed url' . 

Finding your RSS - On Folksy this is a large orange button that says RSS just to the right of where your name is displayed on your main shop page, click it and then copy the address from the top of the page.  With etsy you'll find the RSS by looking for the orange square in your tool bar called 'feeds'. 

The RSS for my Folksy shop looks like this http://www.folksy.com/shops/haptree/rss  and like this http://www.etsy.com/rss_shop.php?user_id=6302819 for my etsy shop.

You now need to click save and then drag the gadget to your desired location.

This will work for anything with an RSS feed!