08 November 2009

Stumble - I need more Stumbling!

This post is a recap from way back in June when I had just discovered Stumble, I have found so many interesting websites through using it since!  Like finding Tokyo Plastic - wow, just keep clicking that red dot! The video I have embedded is from them too. 

Check out some of my other favourites here, please bear in mind I share this computer so they are not all my favourites!  If you are on stumble already click subscribe on my profile and we can be stumble buddies! (I'll subscribe to your too!) If you aren't using stumble then register it's so much fun!

Here's the post I wrote back in June -

Warning - reading this could rob you of many hours of your life but you'll also discover an amazing array of things you just never knew existed! One of the Folksy guys mentioned it in a chat room the other day.  [that was Woody of WoodJewellery]

Stumble is an awesome idea where you click a button on your toolbar (it only takes a few seconds to download) and it takes you to a completely random website based on a few selections you've made about your interests - I chose humour, food, photography and craft. Then as you 'stumble' across these sites you can click like or dislike buttons (also on your toolbar) and stumble will take these choices into account and progressively bring you better and more interesting websites tailored to you!

Also you can add your own website, another way of getting people to visit my shops!

So if you do download stumble make sure you click 'I like it' next time you're on my blog! Leave me a comment if you want me to do likewise for your website or shop.

True to my word from June, if you let me know you clicked 'I like' then I will return the favour, just leave me the link!