05 November 2009

Twitter Lists and Listorious - Craft Link HQ

Review of Twitter lists and Listorious
Including the only 6 links you need to understand Twitter!

Twitter now gives you the ability to curate lists of twitter users, I'll explain how and why you should be doing this if you are already on twitter.  If you are new to twitter read through the 6 links below to get you started and you'll be the Bill Gates of the craft world by next week, with 100 billion followers. Alan Sugar will be coming to you for tips, and maybe a hand knitted scarf or a handbag too, although if you spent that much time on twitter I think your craft business may fold, perhaps just take it slow to start...

Twitter is great for promoting your blog and business, it is instant gratification when you see your items views or google analytics stats shoot up with every tweet. But it can be difficult to fight through all the noise once you are following alot of people.

I haven't got through all the twitter tips and tools that are out there yet, just those 6 useful twitter links alone are jampacked with info and even more links.  With twitters launch of 'Lists' I have recently started creating my own twitter lists and it has already had a positive effect on my blog stats and twitter following.


So now we have  Following - Follower - Listed  my vital statistics are currently 363 - 450 - 15 respectively.

I have made myself 5 lists so far, Folksy, Craft Links HQ, Giveaway HQ, News HQ and a private list, my favourites. I'm sure I'll be adding more soon and I have been added to 15 lists.  Here are a few pointers to get you up to speed...

  • It's very easy to create a list you just click on the link 'new list' in the sidebar of your home page about half way down.
  • Lists can be public or private.
  • The option to add people to your list is found by clicking on their twitter name, their is a drop down list on the right hand side which shows all of your lists, just choose which list to put them in - very simple! 
  • Alternitively you can start scrolling through your current following / follower lists and the same drop down box is available.
  • A link showing which of your lists each twitterer is in appears beneath their name, so you don't forget if you have already added them (for you to see only)
  • To access other peoples lists just go to their profile and look at their sidebar - this is such a great way to find people to follow or add to your own lists, you can also choose to become a follower of their list.
  • You do not have to follow someone to add them to your list.
  • Other people can become followers of your lists without becoming a follower of you.
  • There is a widget available from twitter here so you can have a live feed of your favourite lists on your blog. Twitter List Widget 
  • IMPORTANT! Remember to add yourself to your lists too so if people have a widget of your lists then they will see your tweets too.

Now why is this great?  Because you can have your main home page with all those voices and then go STOP! I just want to hear from my select buddies and click on your list, enabling more free flowing chat!  Or maybe I just need to see what the crafty folk are up to today so I'll click on that list.  I'm going to create a veg plot list soon.

BEWARE!  As twitter users become more savvy to lists they will begin to spend more time just in their own private friends lists,  they may not add you to lists if you are over link happy, boring or a spammer and if you aren't in lists then all your tweeting may be for nothing!  A bit of balance is needed as always.

  • Note to self (stop being boring on twitter!)

Yes it sounds a bit like a disease but Listorious is actually more fun and could be a 'powerful tool' in the over used words of any one of the pro bloggers out there.  I especially appreciate that it is not called twitliscious or twittylisty, and has a really classic branding, some might say dull, I say classic.

Listorious, launched Nov 2nd 09,  has been promoted by twitter although is not their own.   It's similar to twibes but it automatically imports your lists allowing people to search lists across twitter, including yours. So there's none of the hash tagging etc which is a bit of a faff.  It is very easy to submit your lists and also great fun to search other peoples.  With lists and Listorious now out there I was interested to see where Twibes would go next, when I asked them if they were now redundant they said @haptree quite the contrary - Twibes is an excellent source of lists.  On their home page they have three references to dodgy (very dodgy) lists although they have informed me they are working on seperating adult lists, at the moment it looks a little flung together at the last minute, I guess they will be panicking a little!

My Folksy List is doing really well so far and slowly growing in numbers, there is a retweet button and an option to suggest someone for the list to the curator so it's all about getting links out there and is super excellent for promoting craft sites as members can retweet their lists to garner interest in their products collectively or singularly.  (Please retweet!)

I'm going to be searching for bloggers like myself who review sites and offer tips to the crafting community to add to my Craft Links HQ list.

There will no doubt be top 100 lists created where people get bumped off and replaced by the next big thing to show what's on trend. Listorious and lists are a 'powerful tool' because by becomeing the curator of a cool list and promoting it, and letting it be promoted you will no doubt score followers, blog followers and potentially maybe even a sale! A sale,the holy grail of online crafters world wide, happy dance, Amen.

If you aren't on twitter and you think, I don't want to talk rubbish all day then you can now join and curate lists instead - you needn't tweet to be on twitter!  You can call yourself a Curatorer which sounds much more high brow than a twitterer!

As I sign off BBC Radio 4 is talking about twitter and it's PEOPLE POWER! 

I'd love to hear your comments about the new lists or listorious :o)