01 December 2009

First Craft Fair... Saturday 5th December - Stanmore, North london

How cute are these stickers, my daughter adores being given stickers so I thought I'd not only stick them to my product packaging but also offer them to any kids too. W has been sorting all my stationary during his lunch hour at work for me, I've given him a huge list and so far everything has been great - including these below, which are intended to hang off the little pink paper bags I have, but I need some method of cutting a perfect circle as they look a little scruffy using scissors.

In terms of stock I think I am doing ok, I just did a little trial run and I'm feeling happy with what I've got and my display is finally all coming together.  I just need to finish off some straps and make up a few more purses (as people keep buying them!) Will try to get everything photographed this week so I can show you all my new things.

Would be lovely to see you , my helper who is my brother's girlfriend has offered to bake biscuits to hand out and she's a pretty good biscuit maker so you wont want to miss those! 

There are instructions of how to get there here - http://www.delapoleevents.co.uk/ and it also lists all the exhibitors, looks like something for everyone, so fingers crossed it will be a really good fair for everybody.  The venue looks gorgeous, lets hope everyone is feeling really Christmassey now it's December.  Happy Advent x H