04 December 2009

Folksy Mini Treasury - Tree Time!

Christmas Star Decorations
£7.50 - Half an Acre Hand Knitted Rudolph the Reindeer Bauble
£6.00 - Little Pudding
Christmas Tree Decoration
£12.00 - Polka set of Christmas decorations
£6.00 - Dosie Rosie
Christmas bunting
£20.00 - Nickynackynoo! Christmas Bunny!
£8.00 - Widget and friends

...Happy Handmade Xmas

If you love handmade, (think quality, unique and beautiful) items but you look mournfully at your list of electrical gizmos and gadgets requested by your nearest and dearest, then at least grab yourself a selection of gorgeous handmade chrimbo decs!  (I wonder if you can buy a hand knitted nunchuck case - now there's a niche market???)

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